Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2nd Day Post-Op - Learning to walk again!

I have a wonderful physical therapist here at Sinai Hospital named Christina. In fact, the entire staff is attentive and competent. They had me up walking with a walker yesterday and it was very painful, but I've kept at it, and today it's a little bit easier. Pain meds help, of course. They have me on 10 mg of Percaset every 4 hours. One of my big goals in life at the moment is to get off pain medications. I want my mind back! But for now, I seem to need them. But even in one day, the pain level is better.

They changed my bandage today and I got a look at the staples with which they sealed up the incision. They are smaller than I expected. I guess I had in mind one of those big staple guns we used to use to stretch canvas for oil paintings! They removed the drainage tube from the hip, so now when I walk around with my walker, I'm free of tubes and bags.

I'm doing basic exercises, trying to get the muscles in my hip and leg stronger. It makes me wish I could have worked on them before the surgery, but the last month or so, I was in such bad shape, I couldn't even imagine doing exercises! They had me try stairs today. My house has a lot of stairs and not much in the way of consistent care, which is why I'm going to stay at Adrian's for a couple of weeks.

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